Langley Centennial Performances

Langley Centennial Performances

Celebrating 100 years of remarkableness

The event was the brainchild of Robert Waterman, who also wrote an original play, “Langley Life,” performed at WICA to commemorate Langley’s first 100 years.

Langley celebrated its centennial with an original play dramatizing the first 100 years centered on the pioneer Hunziker family. The show was scripted by Robert Waterman, Jill Johnson and Gail Fleming who played the main characters. The captivating history lesson also had tender and touching moments. Attendees enjoyed historic photos and larger than life cutout characters of Langley pioneers. You can still find some of the cutouts in buildings and shops around town.

Women in period costumes, carrying banners and flags, transported you back 100 years to the struggle of women to gain the right to vote.

One-of-a-kind street theater had suffragettes march down First Street to celebrate the women who fought for the right to vote. Langley’s centennial celebration also fell on the same year women marched on Washington DC in 1913. Women dressed in period outfits, marched in the street with banners and flags, then gathered at Whale Bell (Hladky) Park for a rally headed by fictional leader, played by actress Patricia Duff. Her speech, written by Robert Waterman, was culled from actual writings of many of the famous suffragettes of the period.