Langley is in bloom!

Langley is in bloom!


By Grace Swanson 

Shades of yellow, pink, and red paint the gardens throughout Langley, Washington — a sign that spring is just around the corner. Heavy rains, gusty wind storms, and sun breaks sure make it seem that we are heading toward a change in seasons. Although the weather can be slightly unpredictable, spring is a wonderful time to visit Langley.

IMG_20160316_130204 Let’s hope the saying holds true that March “comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” However as much as we are looking forward to the warmer months ahead, the ample amounts of precipitation have been helping keep our flowers watered. Buds are starting to poke their heads out of the dirt and tulips are beginning to open their delicate petals

IMG_20160316_130318_1.jpgA row of bright, happy daffodils add some cheer to the brick walls of Langley City Hall. Celebrate spring in Langley and see these beautiful flowers for yourself!